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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Magic of Music

          Last summer, my parents bought me an iPod. It was a touch, in my opinion the best model. So obviously, I took great care of it. Before I had an MP3, but this was a whole new revolution to the music world. Never in my life had I even thought that an iPod could change your way of interpreting music and love.
          With a brand new iPod, I downloaded all the songs that spoke to my soul. That August evening, I lay in a comfy couch listening to music as daily routines continued. Mom in the kitchen cooking up one of her mouth-watering burgers; whose aroma traveled the entire house through the vents. My brother calmly practicing for his PSAT, and me scratching my head in confusion, wondering how he stays so tranquil. Listening to one of my favorite songs, “What If” by Jason Derulo, I realized that almost every song is about love. I asked myself, “Why?” Answering my own question I said, “Every song is about love because it’s the very thing that keeps this world on it's axis,”
          I felt content thinking about love. It was like my soul speaking to me; something so enchanting I could never forget. 
          Realizing this, I treasured music more than I ever did before. I wondered, “What other mystical mysteries did the magic of music behold?”