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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder - Part I

Christmas decor embraced the mall: jubilant jingling bells dangled from store signs, bows of holly decorated numerous gifts, and bristly poinsettias were planted in pots covered with wrapping paper. Reindeer pranced along with Silver Bells, my favorite Christmas carol. Ornaments and tiny figurines were being sold, attracting many shoppers. I admired every detailed decoration like a star in the night sky, never really being able to fully comprehend the magic of it. Tasty, tantalizing treats were being made in nearby bakeries, many of them emanating a delightful scent. The aroma of hot cocoa and coffee traveled up my nose, nurturing the refreshing fragrance. The crunch of chocolate chip cookies being munched revealed my craving for one. Soon, a fresh-baked cookie tingled in my mouth as crumbs spread across my tongue, satisfying and catering every one of my taste buds’ needs. The uneven texture of the cookie was felt by my fingertips; but the reward of smooth, creamy, buttery, chocolate was awarded to my tongue. The chips of chocolaty goodness melted in my mouth as if it was snow near a crackling fireplace, deceived by it’s cozy warmth. The buzz of every mall shopper filled the ambiance, and the crinkling of wrapping paper covering cherished tokens of gratitude could be heard in every store - but there was one feeling that stood out from all, and that was the touch of Mother’s hand.
Mom and I meandered from store to store, peering in for anything that grasped our attention. In my opinion, everything had been purchased: presents for each of my three cousins, my uncle, dad, and brother. Although, one thing disturbed me - Mom had not bought anything for herself. Every time we passed by a store I knew she liked, such as Macy’s, my conscious would always tell me, “She’s going to buy something here, she’s going to buy something here,” but that turning into the store, the difficult decision of what to buy, and the waiting in line never came. Finally, I questioned Mom, “Why haven’t you bought anything for yourself?” Her response was the least expected. 

The unforgettable moment will continue...