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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freak the Mighty

          I have just recently finished reading another one of Rodman Philbrick's books; Freak the Mighty. This book deals with many issues amongst the characters - one of them being the lack of kindness towards each other, or bullying. My favorite character in the book, Freak (Kevin is his real name) deals through many hardships including the lack of height due to a certain disease and the inability to walk properly. Max, Freak's best pal, has a few hardships in his life as well; the lack of a mother and learning disabilities. Although, there is one lacking that both Freak and Max share; and that is the lack of a father. This book focuses more on Max's lack of a father more than Freak's. Although, there is one incident that hurt me beyond words to the fact that I didn't even want to turn the page. I simply dropped the book in my bed and occupied myself with another activity.
          This incident is when Freak and Max decide to perform a kind act by returning a purse to the woman whom it belonged to. Unfortunately, the residents of that particular household were not reciprocating the kindness that Max and Freak had displayed to them. Instead, they were thrown with insults and as Freak and Max were leaving the wretched household, Freak caught the heaviest insult of them all.

An excerpt from Freak the Mighty: (here, Loretta, the rigid lady, is conversing with Freak)

"...I know all about you. Your old man was a magician, did you know that?" ... "Yeah," Loretta says. "Right after you was born. He must be a magician, because as soon as he heard the magic words 'birth defect,' he disappeared." 

This is the absolutely adverse way to behave with a person that found your missing item and made the effort to return it to you. In fact, you should never, under any circumstance behave with such a nasty matter towards anyone. If everyone kept putting each other down, this world would be lifeless. None of us would desire to live in a place like this and everyone would just be there. Without a purpose, without a goal, without something to live for. 

So make your life purpose-filled, goal-occupied, and with someone or something to live for.