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Friday, April 8, 2011

Life is Like Photography

Even though we all know the answer to "Why does life bring so many troubles?", we still ask that question. Nobody escapes from life's sorrows - because if one did, they wouldn't even be in this world. Sometimes, we take a few glances at a person, hear a little about them, and think that their life is perfect and their life has no place for hardships - but deep down, they might be suffering a great loss.

As an unknown author stated,

"Life is like photography, you develop from the negatives,"

Now, if there were no negatives, or situations we dislike in our lives, how would be become mentally strong? The reality is that this world is filled with difficulties and we have to be prepared for them. So, to prepare for them, we need to endure hardships, and become capable of handling the tough times.

This is the process:
  1. We face interminable hardships and our faith feels broken
  2. Finally, the harsh times have ended and happy times seem to germinate once again
  3. Our film roll of the harsh times is ready to be developed
  4. We make our way to the photo department and develop the negatives
  5. The negatives are transformed into a more clear image and we have everlasting memories!
Now, it's up to you whether you will make your way to the photo department and develop those negatives into everlasting positive memories.

Will you?