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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Magnificent Snowball Moment

     I remember hearing the echo of our laughters, like jubilant bells ringing, filling the flurried forest. Our footsteps trailing behind in the snow marked the memorable moments we spent side by side together. "Why not make today another memory to cherish?" I wondered.
     The sparkling, serene snow glistened as I picked it up in my gloved hand. Packing it firmly, I softly said, "Be careful Mom, it's coming!" Mom turned around, and I remember her benevolent smiling face, almost as if she had known something was coming. Gently, I let the ball of snow fly free, until it reached its destination; Mom's coat. It splattered all over her coat and the laughter that followed couldn't even be defined as indescribable.

     No one knows how much time we had spent together like that; but it doesn't matter because it was time well spent. Many will say after hearing this story that it was the one ball of shining ice which began the event of a lifetime. It was not the beauty of the snowball, but the magic of love that charmed us; and we fell under its spell.

Take that journey.