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Friday, January 21, 2011

Silky, Sparkling, Strands

*As you read, please let the enchanting video relax you. Thank you.        

"From the enlightenment of music comes the wisdom of...silence." 
- Visions of Gregorian Chants

While having this knowledge, I still wonder why this is so. Is it because music helps you realize the importance of silence?

Silky, Sparkling, Strands

 I hear the whistling of the falling water, so whimsical.

I can hear it whistling in contentment,
as it falls free, free from the world.

I can sense the scent of the sparkling strands,
as the miraculous mist fills the ambiance.

I can feel the whimsical gestures,
of the silky, sparkling, strands,
flowing against the rigid rock.

The cataract comforts me when I feel restless.
Its soft, sweet, and melodious tune calms the anxious mind.
It is the medicine of nature that can relax the most disturbed minds.

Does the sound of a waterfall enlighten you? Does it make you feel, that for a moment, everything is simply perfect?  
That is the Magic of the Musical Mist!

When you enjoy something and simply forget about the world, you are in the present moment...and living each moment to its fullest is the key to the Gate of Contentment.

The waterfall flows with endless possibilities.
Live your life with endless possibilities.