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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder - Part I

Christmas decor embraced the mall: jubilant jingling bells dangled from store signs, bows of holly decorated numerous gifts, and bristly poinsettias were planted in pots covered with wrapping paper. Reindeer pranced along with Silver Bells, my favorite Christmas carol. Ornaments and tiny figurines were being sold, attracting many shoppers. I admired every detailed decoration like a star in the night sky, never really being able to fully comprehend the magic of it. Tasty, tantalizing treats were being made in nearby bakeries, many of them emanating a delightful scent. The aroma of hot cocoa and coffee traveled up my nose, nurturing the refreshing fragrance. The crunch of chocolate chip cookies being munched revealed my craving for one. Soon, a fresh-baked cookie tingled in my mouth as crumbs spread across my tongue, satisfying and catering every one of my taste buds’ needs. The uneven texture of the cookie was felt by my fingertips; but the reward of smooth, creamy, buttery, chocolate was awarded to my tongue. The chips of chocolaty goodness melted in my mouth as if it was snow near a crackling fireplace, deceived by it’s cozy warmth. The buzz of every mall shopper filled the ambiance, and the crinkling of wrapping paper covering cherished tokens of gratitude could be heard in every store - but there was one feeling that stood out from all, and that was the touch of Mother’s hand.
Mom and I meandered from store to store, peering in for anything that grasped our attention. In my opinion, everything had been purchased: presents for each of my three cousins, my uncle, dad, and brother. Although, one thing disturbed me - Mom had not bought anything for herself. Every time we passed by a store I knew she liked, such as Macy’s, my conscious would always tell me, “She’s going to buy something here, she’s going to buy something here,” but that turning into the store, the difficult decision of what to buy, and the waiting in line never came. Finally, I questioned Mom, “Why haven’t you bought anything for yourself?” Her response was the least expected. 

The unforgettable moment will continue...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Imagination Brings Magnificent Things

     Robins chirped, flowers bloomed, and the luscious green grass swayed along with the wind, forming a crystal clear image of nature. Misty morning leaves sparkled in the sunlight, divine dew drops adorning them. The sun glowed in radiance, providing a source of light to all. Animals and insects roamed about completing daily routines. A spider created its twinkling diamond necklace, a decoration to all of nature. Many thoughts traveled my mind in this moment, but one main question stood out, "Could something other than this be as superlative?" At first, it seemed that nothing was as perfect, but it occurred to me that one thing did exist. It was Him, the one who created this scene. I marveled at this sight, wondering if there was a way to capture it.
     My desire to capture this moment was so strong that I had no choice but to write a poem about it. I remember my exuberant reaction when this incredible idea entered my brain. Like the BFG, my legs moved gracefully in long, swift strides, almost as if I was flying; flying free to the land of His creations.

One Magical, Misty, Morning

Little red robins chirp away,

Forsythias bloom, the wind makes them sway.

As God's greenery glimmered through the morning dew drops,

A spider created its silky, shiny, shimmering, prop.

While morning beauties bloomed,

To their mothers ducklings crooned;

And as the morning grew to sunset,

I wished for it to rise again, not set

If Nature can respect everyone, why can't we?

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Magnificent Snowball Moment

     I remember hearing the echo of our laughters, like jubilant bells ringing, filling the flurried forest. Our footsteps trailing behind in the snow marked the memorable moments we spent side by side together. "Why not make today another memory to cherish?" I wondered.
     The sparkling, serene snow glistened as I picked it up in my gloved hand. Packing it firmly, I softly said, "Be careful Mom, it's coming!" Mom turned around, and I remember her benevolent smiling face, almost as if she had known something was coming. Gently, I let the ball of snow fly free, until it reached its destination; Mom's coat. It splattered all over her coat and the laughter that followed couldn't even be defined as indescribable.

     No one knows how much time we had spent together like that; but it doesn't matter because it was time well spent. Many will say after hearing this story that it was the one ball of shining ice which began the event of a lifetime. It was not the beauty of the snowball, but the magic of love that charmed us; and we fell under its spell.

Take that journey.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Malaga; a dreamy, mystical, town in Spain - just like the ones you might do anything to visit when you see it in a commercial. I don’t even know if there are other places with the same name, but it doesn’t even matter because there isn’t one like this. There really is no reason to pay any attention to the location of Malaga. Why would I even waste my time in this wondrous city thinking about where it is? The only thing I really know is that being there is a dream itself.
I remember Mom and I making our way into the resort; fascinated by the graceful palm trees emanating a delightful scent. The palm trees and an enchanting garden guarded the front and back. Paradise plants and a serene lake also lived there. “What a magnificent name,” I thought to myself. Sol Andalusi was the name of the resort; “It’s simple and perfect.” Loving how it meant sun and moon, I realized there was something about everything here that reserved a special place in my heart.
The garden held unbelievable things. I discovered breathtaking, beautiful flower beds, baby palm trees, and so many of nature’s wonders that were impossible to count. Mom and I would take serene strolls and admire the tranquility of the lake. Frogs energetically jumped from one lily pad to another; jubilant and joyous. The sun always surrendered itself to this certain area; abundantly shining on everything. I can tell you that to examine this garden extensively, you need to stop almost every five seconds - that’s how much variety this garden has. I’ve tried and failed many times at my attempt to discover the secrets of this garden. My train of thought is still there, never leaving its station-and it never will.

The magical garden: will you uncover its mysteries?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Experience of a Lifetime

Every passing day, I would always try to remember my life as a kid. With so many things going on like homework, chores, and after-school activities, I forgot what it felt like to be a kid. I still am one, but it’s not the same because there are so many other responsibilities. It’s like being tied up by the rope of illusion, it distracts you, trying to prevent you from enjoying life. But that’s when the day came, I realized to live - life needs to be enjoyed. That’s when I stepped around the corner, and the rest of the day was a dream.
I stood in front of one of the main attractions in New York, Toys ‘R’ Us. I dragged my feet in the heavily built-up snow as Mom trailed behind. I stepped in, as astonished as astronauts gracefully gliding in space. The neon lights on the mini ferris wheel shone calmly, “Orange yellow, orange yellow.” They dutifully did their job going in a pattern and fascinating the garrulous children to the extent of not talking. The children unknowingly disturbed their parents with petulant behavior for a desire of a toy. As I looked around in amazement, I observed the dream of a child; every little bit of it as I entered Toys ‘R’ Us in New York City. Quite a bit of the crowd refused to to enter the line for the ferris wheel because it struck them as tedious and a waste of time. But why think along those lines?
Right then and there I realized that no matter what, life is what you make it. If you think big, big will happen. Always think with an open mind and never stick to one thing. I also realized that I can still enjoy life even though I have many activities that may seem to tie me up. Life' s a balloon that someday has to burst; so make sure it's blown to it's full extent. 

The Tree of Life-it depends on you how much it grows. 
How much do you want it to grow?

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surrendered to Reading

I love reading as much as anything else in the world. I read in the summer and whenever my heart tells me to. Even when I have to read for school, the book drives away so fast on the highway that I don’t even see it. Sometimes my addiction to a book would become so severe that Mom would have to ban me from the book. I'll never forget those days!
Everything about reading is so unique because every book has it’s own personality - the amazing characters and the powerful, life - changing statements.
It happened one joyous, June afternoon, when I began reading a book, Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. My reading pace was pretty fast, but after finishing this book, it felt as if only ten minutes had gone by. No wonder I was puzzled when I heard Mom calling me for lunch. There was a repetitive tone in her voice, showing that she had needed me several times. Obviously, I never remembered the moment she called me since I was indulged in the mysteries hidden on each page. Slowly trying to pull myself away from the reading world, I grudgingly closed the book. The only thought that took me through lunch was that I would be able to sit down again and let myself back into the world of reading.
From that day on, I surrendered myself to reading. It was something that could never go away from me. I can stop whenever I want to, but that’s only an option. An option that I would never, ever consider.

Enjoy reading. It's a gift.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Extraordinary Brother

My brother is an extraordinary person and that fact still amazes me. He helps me with my homework like it was something normal. I myself am aware that he knows not every brother is like him. My brother may not seem to be different among my family, but that unique purity inside him shines through his eyes. Comparing his childhood and mine, I noticed that he didn’t receive the things I did. That’s my goal, to give him as much as I can in action.
I remember seeing him come home from school, his usual bubbly spirits sunk, sick of people calling him a nerd. The sparkle of his eyes dimmed, the pain and sorrow showing through. Mom rubbing his back, he wrapping his arms around her and stuffing his head into the side of her stomach. How it hurt me to see him in that condition. Deep inside, I promised myself that I would never, ever let my brother fall into a situation like that again. When he'd see me through the corner of his eye, he immediately would tried to wipe off his tears. That didn’t work. I walked over to him and I’d never leave until I made him show his one-in-a-million smile. Everyone’s face used to light up whenever he smiled - and we all still do. There was absolutely no possible way we could ignore it.
After hugging him, I would take his hand and make sure we journeyed on an adventure so remarkable that a lifelong memory would be embedded in our hearts. Not a single day goes by that I’m not thankful for one of the extraordinary gifts I’ve been given.
Smiling-it makes someone happy and it's a privilege. So why not use it?