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Friday, November 5, 2010


Malaga; a dreamy, mystical, town in Spain - just like the ones you might do anything to visit when you see it in a commercial. I don’t even know if there are other places with the same name, but it doesn’t even matter because there isn’t one like this. There really is no reason to pay any attention to the location of Malaga. Why would I even waste my time in this wondrous city thinking about where it is? The only thing I really know is that being there is a dream itself.
I remember Mom and I making our way into the resort; fascinated by the graceful palm trees emanating a delightful scent. The palm trees and an enchanting garden guarded the front and back. Paradise plants and a serene lake also lived there. “What a magnificent name,” I thought to myself. Sol Andalusi was the name of the resort; “It’s simple and perfect.” Loving how it meant sun and moon, I realized there was something about everything here that reserved a special place in my heart.
The garden held unbelievable things. I discovered breathtaking, beautiful flower beds, baby palm trees, and so many of nature’s wonders that were impossible to count. Mom and I would take serene strolls and admire the tranquility of the lake. Frogs energetically jumped from one lily pad to another; jubilant and joyous. The sun always surrendered itself to this certain area; abundantly shining on everything. I can tell you that to examine this garden extensively, you need to stop almost every five seconds - that’s how much variety this garden has. I’ve tried and failed many times at my attempt to discover the secrets of this garden. My train of thought is still there, never leaving its station-and it never will.

The magical garden: will you uncover its mysteries?


  1. Rishika,

    I like the way you describe the garden you visited. You use great verbs to what you and your mother, the frogs and the sun did (I like how you say that the sun surrendered to the area) but I am curious to the appearances. What color were the flowers, and the trees, and the creatures?

  2. Rishika,
    Your description is mind blowing! The choice of words, the and the way you express your feelings are extreamly rich! Your posts inspire me to use better words in my blog. I am curiouse what your next post would be. You know if you type descritive things, search up Longwood Gardens on Wikipedia. I would really appreciate it if you can post a blogpost on that subject. Keep up the good work!


  3. Rishika,
    Inspiring post! I never been to Malaga, though I want to. I have a crystal clear picture of what you have written. Your posts are always on top. Keep up the good work.

  4. Dear R,
    I wonder if you posted about the time you went to spain in Sixth grade? I like your blog a lot because of it's unicly detailed posts.