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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dare to be Different

There's a special feeling about being your own person - because it's a special blessing to have the ability to be different from others and not care what they think of you. You are content with who you are, and you do things your way. You don't have to be someone you're not. It takes courage to be your own person, no matter what the world may think. Not having to care about what others think - is truly a blessing.

Along with being your own person, comes your own, uniques ideas that astound those around you. This is because you have your own individual way of thinking, unlike the rest who all think the same, and those thoughts eventually develop into the same actions. That's why, when unique ideas are presented, they attract everyone. These ideas are filled with so much purity that they inspire others, and help others - but they always have a positive impact. As an example, here is the story of a 6th grader who dared to be different:

Jeff was considered the class clown but he was an innovative individual. He had a great mind..but didn't perform so well in school. One day, his class needed to take part in a contest to see who could fly their airplane the farthest. Tom, on the other hand, was one who believed in Jeff's capabilities and chose him as a partner.

Soon enough, the time for the contest had approached and Jeff was still 'thinking' with the unfolded paper hidden behind his back. Tom, being a supportive partner, requested the teacher for his group to fly last. At their turn, the distance of Tom's plane exceeded average - but Jeff's plane soared higher and farther than all the others. Why? Jeff's ability to 'fly' outside of the box and his ability to think simple. He revealed his unfolded paper from behind his back and simply wadded it into a ball.

So, Dare to be Different - you'll be surprised at what you can do.