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Friday, January 7, 2011

Crafty Counterfeiters - Part I

When did the copying campaign establish and everyone join?

As my parents were growing up in the times where teachers would carry sticks or rulers in their hand just in case someone peeked over at the paper next to them, copying was a crime.
Now, when people copy off of each other, it just seems like one of those normal things. Honestly, why would you let someone copy your hard work? It even happens with appearances! Just be yourself! 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being yourself...nothing!
Still, people tend to do the opposite.
Take this incident as an example:
Even before, I had the same passion as I have now; writing. In school, we had writing journals, and in those, we wrote all of our stories no matter what the genre. My teacher would occasionally make copies of the students’ writing who she though met or exceeded her expectations. For some reason, it felt like my ‘friend’ kept track of my writing status.
When we would have to choose our partner for a peer editing session, this person would always come up to me and ask to be my partner. Of course I couldn’t say no and it sort of made me feel appreciated...but she had this weird expression on her face every time.
As time went on, I noticed that my writing style could be seen in ‘her’ writing. She got the credit for the writing when it actually belonged to me. This really irked me and I would not and could not stand this treatment anymore.
To solve this situation, I went and paired up with some of my other friends the next time to kindly indicate my message to her.
She is still my friend, but our friendship changed in a weird sort of way after that; in a way I can’t describe.