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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Special Blog Post

       A role model is someone who contains every possible quality that you admire. In my life, that person is my brother. For most of you, having a brother is a pain-whether younger or older. But for me, having a brother like I do is a privilege. Not many brothers do your chores when you're sick, even if they have a lot of homework. How many brothers cheer you up with their humour? But more importantly, do you have a brother that did something so unpredictable that you still remember it six years from now? Believe it or not, my brother wrote a five paragragh essay about me being his role model. Usually you'd think that a role model would be someone older than you-but think again.
If you do have a brother like this, make sure you appreciate them in every possible way. To thank my brother, I have a daily Brother's Day. Don't know when to hold the grand event? Do it everyday-like I do.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fascinating Fall

         Fall fascinates many but only a few really take the time to enjoy the wonders of it. Our 'hectic' lives these days don't allow us to relax and recognize the natural beauty that surrounds us. So, to give you a different perspective of autumn which I  know a lot of you will enjoy, here's a passage that I wrote about fall:
Bringing many characteristics of its own, autumn enchants whoever unlocks the beauty of it. The brisk breeze encourages the leaves to dance. Celebrating their joy, the leaves turn on their disco lights and join in. But after the party is over, the leaves get tired and fall off, anticipating the next celebration. But while they await, the lullaby of the crickets slowly eases them off into the fantasy of dreams, the sun soon waking them up.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this passage. If you'd like me to write about something, or have any questions or comments, feel free to write below. Happy fall! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Writing Makes Wonders

          Some people dread the phrase "writing assignment". But to me, a writing assignment means a chance to enhance the things I learn in class and skills I learn myself. Writing is a way for me to detach from the world and let all my thoughts out. Thoughts are crammed inside our brain and we don't even realize it. So to make my life less overwhelming, I write. 

        People like to write about different things; in my case I like writing about winter time. The serenity in winter time calms everything down-the peaceful snow, the beautiful decorations, and the warm, soothing, hot cocoa. To really express my feelings about winter, here's a little passage I wrote: 
As my brother, parents and I admire Rockefeller Center's grand Christmas tree, I glance up at the star, shining bright in the Christmas Eve sunlight. The Magic of Christmas has come alive. Walking over to the ice skating rink, I observe the glorious skaters, gliding across the ice. Their full focus into what they love. The aroma of coffee and hot chocolate make their way up my nose, welcoming a mug anytime. Christmas magic lies inside the ones who believe, the ones who cherish forever-the magic of Christmas.