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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Game of Life - Play Carefully

Dear Readers, 

It occurred to me that it was a difficulty for a few readers to leave comments due to the fact of needing a specific account. Although, this problem has been resolved! You can now comment using the existing accounts, but also with your name or website URL! For those who are not comfortable leaving their name, there is an 'Anonymous' option as well! 
Now everyone can comment...So,
Comment away!


The following saying was by Mom. There may be quotes similar to the following, but this is her wording:

"It doesn't matter if you lose a game in life, but it does matter if you lose the game of life."

The moment these words reached my ears, they created harmonious tunes and I knew that this was something that should be known to more. Many people become 'depressed', or are filled with anxiety when they lose something that is of value to them, such as peace of mind. The reason that 'depressed' is put in quotations is because there is no such thing as 'depression'. It is simply a mere word that is in the dictionary - but it is not an actual emotion. You may think it is, but give it a few thoughts - that stressed out feeling is simply the action of negative feelings overcoming you.

In life, there are many mini-games in which we have to face. Sometimes, we win, and sometimes we don't. Although, these games are only preparation for the most imperative game that really matters - Life. These mini-games are present as a beneficial support - so we can learn from our mistakes and later perfect them. If winning wasn't in our destiny, we shouldn't let it cling to our hearts and let it be the cause for losing our peace of mind. There are many other chances, and after all, what matters is to win Life - by conquering your goal.

Show those mini-games how mini they are and overlook whether they defeated you or not - and always remember...

 "It doesn't matter if you lose a game in life, but it does matter if you lose the game of life."

Good Luck!