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Friday, April 15, 2011

What Teamwork Really Is

Many a times, we feel as if the only way a task can be completed properly is by doing it ourselves -  sometimes, I feel that way myself! We feel that it needs to be done with full potential - our potential. However, during the past week, Nature has taught me something of which I was either unaware of, or had no idea that it would actually be effective. Sometimes, what we don't realize is that we can achieve much more and reach places beyond our expectations - with an even greater speed...

I sat in the car, on that rainy day, and in silence, I observed the wind as it shook the trees. I heard it whistling, and that's when I noticed the drops of condensation on the windows of the car. The force of the wind and the speed of the car traveling in opposite directions caused the water droplets to join together - and when they did, something remarkable happened. They moved faster. They moved faster than they did when they were by themselves, but when they joined, they took off, going somewhere beyond the vision of the eye.

Here are the characters:

  • Wind=Conscious
  • Water Droplets=Us

In the same way, the wind is our conscious - sometimes, it's a soft breeze and may not speak up, but other times, it howls and you are compelled to listen to it. We are the water droplets and when we join together, we combine into an even greater force that can take us beyond what we see.

Remember, the sky is NOT the limit.