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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Museum of Moments - Story #1


Hello Readers, 

I would just like to notify you about my all-new series, Museum of Moments. This is a blog series that will share with you some of my most memorable moments in life. Hopefully, this Museum of Moments will put on display some lesson-teaching specimens that will help you throughout life.
Thank you and I hope you are looking forward to this all-new series as much as I am!


An Unexpected Gift
January 18th, 2010

Turning on my left side to face my alarm clock, I moved my messy hair for a clear view of my helpful yet irritating alarm clock. Oddly enough, the clock was not there and I was forced against my own will to begin a search. As I scoured the room, I began to think that I had accidentally knocked it off in the attempt to make it snooze (as I occasionally do). After searching the entire area, I simply checked the time on my phone - 7:03 A.M.

Suddenly, it hit me that I was supposed to wake up about twenty minutes ago! With a sense of urgency in my mind, I stepped out my bedroom and entered the hall that is usually busy at this hour. That's when the windy gusts of white caught my attention out the hexagon window. The height of me on my tip-toes was just enough to see the spectacle of the sparkling snow which could have been the reason nobody was awake. The thought ran through my head, "How can I find out? I don't want to disturb anyone - but it's Tuesday, the day after the Martin Luther King holiday..." 

Although, I didn't have to worry for long, because when Mom came out of her room, I knew I would get the answers to all of my questions. Just then, I was going to ask her about the whereabouts of my alarm clock when she turned around and told me herself: "Oh, and I hope you don't mind that I took your alarm clock. I took it so you wouldn't keep checking the time and ruin your sleep. But I guess that didn't work out too well..." All I did was wrap my arms around her and she received the message. She smiled and lovingly put her comforting hand on my shoulder, saying, " You don't have school today, go back to sleep and then enjoy your day off," The excitement was unbelievable - a four-day weekend! 

If it were anyone else, I would not have been able to fall back asleep with the excitement of the unexpected gift. It was the Touch of Mother's Hand that sent a feeling of serenity and calmed me, allowing me to fall back into the World of Dreams...

Thank you Mom.



Friday, January 21, 2011

Silky, Sparkling, Strands

*As you read, please let the enchanting video relax you. Thank you.        

"From the enlightenment of music comes the wisdom of...silence." 
- Visions of Gregorian Chants

While having this knowledge, I still wonder why this is so. Is it because music helps you realize the importance of silence?

Silky, Sparkling, Strands

 I hear the whistling of the falling water, so whimsical.

I can hear it whistling in contentment,
as it falls free, free from the world.

I can sense the scent of the sparkling strands,
as the miraculous mist fills the ambiance.

I can feel the whimsical gestures,
of the silky, sparkling, strands,
flowing against the rigid rock.

The cataract comforts me when I feel restless.
Its soft, sweet, and melodious tune calms the anxious mind.
It is the medicine of nature that can relax the most disturbed minds.

Does the sound of a waterfall enlighten you? Does it make you feel, that for a moment, everything is simply perfect?  
That is the Magic of the Musical Mist!

When you enjoy something and simply forget about the world, you are in the present moment...and living each moment to its fullest is the key to the Gate of Contentment.

The waterfall flows with endless possibilities.
Live your life with endless possibilities.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crafty Counterfeiters - Part II...With 1000 Pageviews!


Just today, the number of pageviews my blog has received is a GIGANTIC 1000!
Due to this, I'd like to thank all my readers for helping me accomplish this unforgettable feat!
Your support is boosting my confidence in a way I can't describe. The feeling of having someone by your side is simply remarkable. Your support is the foundation of my reason to write because I have someone to write for...and I know I always will.
Thank you once again and I am looking forward to all the new feedback!

Check out the globe for the 1000+ pageviews!


Crafty Counterfeiters - Part II
When these Crafty Counterfeiters copy off of someone, they have no idea what GIGANTIC secret they just spilled about themselves.
The fact that they are not mature just entered the world and will never be forgotten, just like the Internet. Once something enters cyberspace, it is never erased. Also, they are showing that they are not yet mature enough to produce their own unique, creative writing. They are also expressing that they underestimate their capabilities to write or do anything whatsoever!
More so, there will be a permanent impression of your crime on the victim. As for me, I am the type of person who lives in the present and tries to forget the past - even though writing this piece is bringing back those unwanted memories.

The Good
I am also the type of person that likes to find the best out of every situation. In this case, I felt that this incident trained me for life ahead. Life is filled with all sorts of people that will try to gain many things out of you. This incident has also shown me how to deal with situations without hurting the feelings of others.

So whenever this episode of my life is replayed, I know the right button to push: Stop.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Crafty Counterfeiters - Part I

When did the copying campaign establish and everyone join?

As my parents were growing up in the times where teachers would carry sticks or rulers in their hand just in case someone peeked over at the paper next to them, copying was a crime.
Now, when people copy off of each other, it just seems like one of those normal things. Honestly, why would you let someone copy your hard work? It even happens with appearances! Just be yourself! 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being yourself...nothing!
Still, people tend to do the opposite.
Take this incident as an example:
Even before, I had the same passion as I have now; writing. In school, we had writing journals, and in those, we wrote all of our stories no matter what the genre. My teacher would occasionally make copies of the students’ writing who she though met or exceeded her expectations. For some reason, it felt like my ‘friend’ kept track of my writing status.
When we would have to choose our partner for a peer editing session, this person would always come up to me and ask to be my partner. Of course I couldn’t say no and it sort of made me feel appreciated...but she had this weird expression on her face every time.
As time went on, I noticed that my writing style could be seen in ‘her’ writing. She got the credit for the writing when it actually belonged to me. This really irked me and I would not and could not stand this treatment anymore.
To solve this situation, I went and paired up with some of my other friends the next time to kindly indicate my message to her.
She is still my friend, but our friendship changed in a weird sort of way after that; in a way I can’t describe.