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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Perfect Canvas

Shooting Star,
Shooting StarHow perfect you are - 
Up in the night so lit!

Even kids quit playing tag with lasers 
When they see stargazers like me:

Amongst all the other people of stars
Coming to observe how perfect you are.

With your flawless form striking through the sky,
So vivid and stunning that it makes me cry;

I can't help but wonder why this world is a blunder - 
And you so calm, serene, and tranquil.

When you painted that sky once again,
It was then that I figured out:

Each of us follow the one in front - 
When whom we should follow is up above. 

It was a humid evening - but the chirping of the birds, the generous breeze, and the scent of blooming nature made up for it. 
Fireflies flickered in the distance and He made the perfect canvas out of the sky: stars shined their full potential with a few strokes of color. It was a quiet but stunning performance that only few were able to witness - because He briskly applied the acrylic to form vivid hues, admired it, and then drizzled it with water. It dripped for a couple of seconds, and then disappeared from plain sight. 

Many children chose the glistening stroke over the amusement of games, adults dropped their food and reached for their phones, only to find it was too late. The only picture that could have been taken was from the heart. 

As it sprinted soundlessly across the sky, I wondered why all of us were drawn to it. The purity that comes from inside the core of this light emanates - and we look and look and look, until finally, it dawns that the star really is a star, because it follows The One above,
not the one in front.

We simply can't help but look, and look, and look.