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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Extraordinary Brother

My brother is an extraordinary person and that fact still amazes me. He helps me with my homework like it was something normal. I myself am aware that he knows not every brother is like him. My brother may not seem to be different among my family, but that unique purity inside him shines through his eyes. Comparing his childhood and mine, I noticed that he didn’t receive the things I did. That’s my goal, to give him as much as I can in action.
I remember seeing him come home from school, his usual bubbly spirits sunk, sick of people calling him a nerd. The sparkle of his eyes dimmed, the pain and sorrow showing through. Mom rubbing his back, he wrapping his arms around her and stuffing his head into the side of her stomach. How it hurt me to see him in that condition. Deep inside, I promised myself that I would never, ever let my brother fall into a situation like that again. When he'd see me through the corner of his eye, he immediately would tried to wipe off his tears. That didn’t work. I walked over to him and I’d never leave until I made him show his one-in-a-million smile. Everyone’s face used to light up whenever he smiled - and we all still do. There was absolutely no possible way we could ignore it.
After hugging him, I would take his hand and make sure we journeyed on an adventure so remarkable that a lifelong memory would be embedded in our hearts. Not a single day goes by that I’m not thankful for one of the extraordinary gifts I’ve been given.
Smiling-it makes someone happy and it's a privilege. So why not use it?