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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Pentagon of Wisdom

For part two of our discussion, we will be expanding on wisdom.

Wisdom is something, as often heard for many things, is not to be taught, but caught. In other words, it should come naturally. No one told Benjamin Franklin to say 'Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.' He said those words based on his knowledge, his experience, his wisdom.


Knowledge - To give wise advice, it is necessary to have the knowledge. It doesn't necessarily have to be intellectual knowledge, but just the simple knowledge, as in common sense. Look at Benjamin Franklin's quote above. Isn't it common sense that you would be healthier if you sleep and awake earlier? If you stay up late, you drain your body out, causing it to sleep even more; and sleeping more causes you to wake up later. And if you wake up later, you would most likely skip a meal or have meals at unusual hours of the day - causing your body distress.  Everything is a chain reaction.

What would happen if we thought about the chain reaction of the things we say everyday?

Justice - Wisdom should always be fair. Imagine your life if a person was biased and praised one side and not the other! In the same way, imagine if someone was giving advice to one side, and not the other! This would be classified as unjust wisdom. True wisdom is for everyone's gain, not just a few people.

What would happen if we were fair to everyone we come across?

Truth - Wisdom should always be the truth. If someone gave incorrect advice, society would have a huge loss. People would follow the advice, but eventually find out that it was incorrect. This is one of the reasons why sometimes, you should be independent and trust yourself. There's a different feeling in accomplishing things without the help of others, but there's always a good feeling knowing that they're there. 

What would happen if we tried doing things on our own?

Prudence - A person with wisdom is always prudence because they use their governing abilities to critique themselves. This helps them lead to simple truths about life, giving birth to their wisdom for the world.  

What would happen if we possessed this quality?

Perseverance - Wisdom is gained with perseverance. Whenever you persevere towards a certain goal, you always learn something about courage, determination and never giving up. This new information becomes something you share with the world, your wisdom. 

What knowledge would you gain if you persevered?

So, persevere towards your short-term goals, but never forget the long-term one. Work on that the most. 

That, was just a piece of wisdom.