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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Secret of a Snow Globe

          Staring at my serene snow globe in a manner of mystery and wonder, I admired the sleek, silver, flawless form of the reindeer paused in a prancing position. As I turned the globe of snow upside down, tiny, shiny, pieces of glitter gracefully floated like feathers - once again blanketing the surface. Once again I turn it upside down, and once again the glitter falls. The glitter shimmers like the diamond ring of a solar eclipse, so magnificent yet indescribable. If only, I wondered, if only everyone could experience The Secret of a Snow Globe and recognize the value of it, the world would be a better place. That's when I figured out that experiencing this secret is possible, and by anyone. I also realized that the scene of a snow globe can be anything - even though it has the word 'snow' in it.
         It happened on the day I marveled at the chirping robins, blooming flowers, and luscious green grass swaying along with the wind. As I admired these marvelous sights, it occurred to me that this scene was fit to be in a snow globe. Just because the term 'snow' resides in 'snow globe', many people think that all snow globes consist of only one season; winter. The reality is that snow globes come in all the different seasons and even for events such as weddings, holidays, birthdays, and even more!
          That is the reason why cherishing memories and capturing magical moments is important. You can imagine those memories as the ambience of your snow globe and keep it forever - and as those memories remain in your snow globe, the transition of new seasons will bring new memories to make even more snow globes to add to your collection. 

May your collection of snow globes increase everyday.



  1. Wonderful writing! This was amazing to read and picture.

  2. Dear Rishika,
    This is a great blog post! I love snow globes, they are so fascinating sometimes. Great writing by the way. It was amazing

  3. Dear Rupanil,

    Thank you for your comment!
    I agree with you, particular snow globes are very fascinating. Even the term itself, 'snow globe' sounds so enchanting.

    Thank you once again for your comment!