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Friday, May 13, 2011

Here's a quote that may ring a bell to many of you...

"If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably does not lead anywhere."

This quote may be familiar to many because it might be something you remember your parents saying, in some way shape or form, as you grew up. They explained that there is no success without failure. It would surely be pleasant, but otherwise, humans would not be humane. Everyone has faced some hardship throughout the course of their life and most likely still will. But remember - each failure brings you closer to success. 

When Thomas Edison failed thousands of times, they were not merely failures; they were successful failures.  To many, at first, this sounds like an oxymoron - even to me. However, after thinking about it, I realized it was completely common sense! Each failure is more successful because you've eliminated yet one more possible way to find your solution! So, each time Thomas Edison failed, he failed better, because he knew that the wiring he just attempted was not correct. 

Without failure, a human would not be humane. To be human, one needs to have qualities such as generosity, kindness, and forgiveness. This does not mean that that a human is perfect at all times. They can absolutely be angry, frustrated and sad. These qualities all add up to humanity. If everyone had everything they desired, the world would be catastrophic. That's why when situations don't turn out as you want, people say 'You know what? It's actually better that it didn't happen your way because it happened God's way.'

So, without obstacles on your road, you will end up at a dead end. We all know that there are potholes, speed humps, toll booths, police cars, and whatnot on our road to success. However, after overcoming those obstacles and reaching the ultimate destination, the feeling will be indescribable. That is why the perfect path or "...the path with no obstacles..." does not lead anywhere.

You choose - 

The Destination or The Dead End
It's all based on one turn...


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